Saturday, 29 November 2008


A few days ago I put a picture up of a dead fox along Pond Lane, but I'm still seeing a fox around the Lees that looks well and healthy.

These pictures aren't from today, it didn't get light enough to manage anything, but I did take these in the area that he's been around, a couple of weeks ago. He was sitting on the path ,quite unconcerned about the people around. At one point he walked off into the grass when a hiker came passed, only to come back again for a scratch and a bit of sun-bathing. Yes the sun did shine at times this autumn.

After a while he did get fed up and sat up and looked alert as people approached.

Finally he wandered of, but not before giving us a good look at his superb brush.

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John Young said...

Hi Tony, nice encounter and a great looking fox.