Saturday, 8 November 2008

"New" England colours

Autumn, this year, has been different to many that I've seen. perhaps the cooler summer and wetter Autumn had something to do with it, but the trees seem to have been more colourful than in many years.

It took a walk round the Pines Garden this afternoon, after watching a great game of football on the box.

Some of the colours look more like New England, possibly celebrating the impending end of the disastrous eight years over the other side of the pond.

The pond was attractive but there was no sign of the Moorhen that had been seen in the gardens earlier, a comparatively scarce species for the area.

At the top of the gardens is this "shelter". It is an area for story telling and has a rather prehistoric feel to it.

The walls are decorated with some attractive "cave paintings". It was a good place to sit down and change the lens on my camera out of the drizzle.

Apart for six Magpies and a couple of Wood Pigeons I saw no birds at all in the gardens. Although it wasn't late the light faded quickly as the heavy clouds rolled over.

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