Thursday, 27 November 2008

Tired of what is happening to our society

I don't suppose this pile of tyres can have accidentally dropped of a lorry on to the side of the road. I possibly could be attributable to some anti-social person who dumped them here, what a shame that the village is spoiled by such behaviour.

It's not the only bad behaviour suffered by the village lately. On Saturday night a spate of thieving, included our garage and an out-building being broken into, and motorbikes and a quad bike being stolen and burnt out occurred. We seem to be a tolerant society as this sort of thing has happened before and nothing has happened to prevent it happening again. It is about time it was stopped.


Adam said...

Hi Tony

Just seen your photos of the low sun across the lake/pond- lovely!


Anonymous said...

How do you know those tyres didn't accidentally fall off a lorry?... might have.