Wednesday, 17 December 2008

Serving the community?

I heard on Radio Kent that one village was having a Scarecrow contest this Christmas. I guess with the number of Woodpigeons about they should be designed to scare these off rather than crows.

While I was passing the fields along side Station Road I noticed this attempt at a Scarecrow. I doubt if it will be doing much scaring and it won't win any prizes but it did give me a few thoughts. There are a couple of individuals in the village who have been causing a lot of mayhem over the years. They might be more usefully employed fixed like this, out in the fields, but I suppose that that would be more appropriate at Easter.

The number of Jays around at the moment seems very high. I took some photos of one collecting food along the road side, but somehow completely mucked them up, so this one if from earlier in the garden, where one has learnt to take the top of a feeder to get at the peanuts. I don't know if there is a genuine influx or whether they had a good breeding season and there is another poor acorn crop, forcing to feed in more exposed places. What ever the reason I'm always pleased to see them in the garden, they have a forceful personalities and are entertaining to watch.


Keith said...

Speaking of local low life have you noticed the wonderful display of lights in Chapel Lane that has / had a charity collection box alongside? I, and others I know, would drop some change in as we walked our dogs then after a couple of nights there was a sign saying the box had been broken into. Who on earth would steal like this? Is whipping out of town still illegal?

On a brighter note, Merry Christmas and keep up the excellent work in the New Year.

Tony Morris said...

This is one of several incidents in the last two weeks. Lets hope the Police finally do something about it!