Thursday, 11 December 2008

Sky Patterns

I don't think there's a more exciting site than a flock of birds flying in some sort of formation. This small group of Curlews made a good study.

The hope is if you take enough one will turn out to be the perfect balance in shapes and positions. I haven't managed it yet but at least you don't have loads of slides to throw away!

Considering the length of their legs it's amazing that they don't stick out beyond the tail.

From this angle you wouldn't know that it's go a long beak.

No excuses for going back to Lapwings. I think that they are a great subject, and many painters have felt the same judging by the number of pictures you see of them. Estimate how many above in a couple of seconds with out counting.

Those great wings make such fantastic patterns as they fly.

This lot were just about getting their formation flying sorted out. Sadly I never did see what had put everything up, may be just a Heron or Harrier, but I may have missed something much better.

Even the Black-headed Gulls had a go at a square formation, but the bottom one got its timing wrong.
(62 Lapwings and two Starlings)


Josh Jenkins Shaw said...

Great photo's as usual!
I estimated 60 and there were 62, so it's nice to know my estimating skills are fairly good!

Warren Baker said...

I failed on the count front, I estimated 80 odd!! A fun post tony.