Saturday, 27 December 2008

Well, it's not a day for children is it?

Well, the Royale family (Caroline Aherne et al on the TV this year, not the posh lot) don't think it was a day for children, bit I thought it was OK.

First Daddy dressed me up a funny suit, but it was nice and warm, and I quite liked the red colour, but I couldn't keep that silly hat on!

Then people kept giving me things to open. I liked the pictures of the Night Garden that Nanny Pam had made, but I don't know what the circle in the middle is, but it keeps on ticking.

Every time I get sometime that looks really interesting I find Granddad playing with it, or mummy switches it off so it doesn't make a noise, but it won't be long before I find out how to turn it on again.

Before they let me eat anything we had to pull these things that went off bang. It was so hard to pull open that I though that nanny would go off bang first! Then we put silly hats on and Granddad read out some awful jokes that were inside. I didn't think they were funny, and when we spoke to Uncle Peter we found out that their crackers had exactly the same jokes, and we bough ours from a much more up market shop than Tescos!

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