Saturday, 31 January 2009

A face lift for "White Cliffs"

White Cliffs, the house at the end of the Bay has become shrouded. It has been up for sale so it looks as if it is having a face lift.

Further along the cliffs towards Hope Point, Jack Chantler tells me there has been a large cliff fall. I haven't got along there to see it but it sounds as if another chunk of coastal erosion has taken place.

As promised the Dover Lifeboat crew had their fund raiser in Dover today. During the week they had been around St Margaret's Bay taking part in a full scale search, after a man from the village had been reported missing at 5pm on Thursday. He was found in a garden, suffering from hypothermia after fiver hours, but as usual all the emergency services teamed up to find him.

All the crew, supported by the Fire Brigade ( when they weren't answering calls) took turns in rowing. At 10.30 they were joined by Nazaneen Ghaffar, BBC Kent weather girl, and Steve Ladnar, from BBC Radio Kent who is one of the Lifeboat volunteers.

They took a short rest for a bit of a pose, but in total on the two machines they rowed 150 Km, the equivalent of Dover to Boulogne back to Dover and then back to Boulogne. I don't know why Nazaneen quite so cheerful, she'd just been telling us about the snow that is coming our way! While I hope I never have to use there services the crew of the Lifeboat perform a fantastic service to our community. I haven't heard what the total raised on the day was, but I'll post it later.

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