Friday, 23 January 2009

It's still Icy in the Village Hall.

The Snow Queen is now halfway through the run and with two performances tomorrow the cast will be ready for the after show celebrations. Although it was cold today it wasn't quite up to the standards of the Snow Queen and her icicles.

I don't know whether they are sold out tomorrow, I'm sure they will have a good audience and the kids will enjoy themselves.

When the monsoon finally subsided I wandered down to the bay. It still to cold to stand around sea wathing for long, but in a quick scan I counted over 50 Great Crested Grebes and two Red-throated Divers off shore.

There were no close birds, I suppose the fish were in the area where the Grebes and Divers were feeding. The number of Auks still seemed quite high, but fewer than a couple of days ago. A Common Seal was also a few hundred yards out, but it never kept its head up for long.

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