Tuesday, 27 January 2009

Morning with the Dog Walkers at Bushy Ruff.

After the quick glimpses of the Kingfisher yesterday I decided on an early visit this morning, hoping that this would give me a better chance of getting some pictures. I had under-estimated how early the dog walkers are out and about, and the place was already busy with people.

I didn't see the Kingfisher but I enjoyed the view in the early morning mist of the family of Mute Swans.

Most of the Gulls were Black-headed but these were joined by a couple of Common Gulls that took the opportunity to have a wash and brush up in the fresh water.

Much of the art of Gull watching relies on an ability to check the pattern of the primary feather wing tips. With Common Gulls there's no real problem because there are no real confusion species, but it was still good to see all the feathers in such detail as this bird stretched and spread its wings.

I enjoy the challenge of trying to get good flight shots, the magic of digital is that all the total failures can be chucked away at no cost.

I thought that this four winged Common Gull was a somewhat unusual aberrant, it should be able to do some slick manoeuvres with this configuration.

Although the Kingfisher failed to show I did find one Grey Wagtail on the edge of the path. Its normal feeding area was about six inches under water so it was finding alternative spots.

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