Thursday, 19 February 2009

Return from Spain.

Just in from Spain, so I haven't sorted many pictures yet, just a few from the first morning.

Near the top of my list was the desire to see White-headed ducks in breeding plumage close to, and John obliged with a really good site. This bird was "steaming" towards another male.

It really got up a full head of steam as it chased it across a small pool.

Slender-billed Gulls are among the most elegant of the European gulls and at Bonanza we got excellent views of around 100 birds.


Benjamin Young said...

Fantastic! I'm hoping for both of those species when I'm in Spain this year. Bonanza is pretty much where I'm going anyway!

Tony Morris said...

Ben, you can contact me for site details if you wish.

Alcalabirder said...

Glad to see the photos of the WH Ducks came out so well, Tony. Ben, please do contact me for details of birding sites in SW Spain (see KOS newsletter for my contact details),

John C