Saturday, 28 March 2009

A cold Lunch.

I had an unsuccessful visit to the Restharrow Scrape, hoping to see the Garganey that's been around. I had sensibly vanished, avoiding the northerly wind that blew directly into the hide.

I wandered back via the lanes round Ham, (It a shame the the road sign bearing the Ham Sandwich directions is no longer there, it got stolen too often!). Near Northbourne I watched two Buzzards drift slowly westwards.

There doesn't really seem to be a village at Ham, just a few scattered houses and the rather forgotten Church of St George. The church yard is unfenced and the near by farm seems to spill over into it. The Sandwich WEB site says " Disused church now renovated as stained glass workshop and home", but I couldn't see any evidence of this.

The small church has a wooden bell-tower and structurally looks in good condition as it was renovated in 1880. There was a Mistle Thrush singing in the church yard, unlike me it seemed oblivious to the very cold Northerly wind that was blowing through me.

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