Tuesday, 31 March 2009

Energy saving day.

There was little sign of any visible migration this morning.

Robins seemed to be encouraged by the beautiful morning and their song was plentiful. I managed to position my self so that the monument formed the background, so it will be the first of a series.

The resident Kestrel was on an energy saving mission today. Instead of hovering for ages over a spot, it sat on the flag pole and dropped from there into the long grass below.

Having caught something, I couldn't see what, he circled round then the back to his other favourite spot,
on the monument. Again from this lookout he was able to watch for movement, therefore reducing his energy consumption, it's the credit crunch!

Dave was spraying out in the big field, herbicide and growth regulator, or something of that ilk.

Let us hope that the Corn Buntings and Skylarks that are busying themselves in this field are unaffected.
On the large field to the left of Station Road, as you leave the village, a bit of good old fashioned muck spreading was going on, and very ripe it smelled too.

As usual the plough brought the gulls in.

Unlike the autumn ploughing there was only one species following the plough, Herring Gulls. Not even one Black-headed Gull was out there, and no Meds, Commons or Lesser Black-backs in sight.
There was a Chiffchaff in te Garden first thing this morning.
Tomorrow is April fools day and to prove it the government has increased the tax on fuel. It will slap 2.12p more tax on every litre of unleaded and diesel sold from tomorrow.

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