Wednesday, 4 March 2009

The young Naturalist.

Sam has already started to identify various birds, well groups at least. He can tell Toucans and Parrots as well as Ducks and Swans. Now Simon (our youngest and Sam's' Dad) has started him on some more difficult ID challenges.

I guess it's best if you don't cover up one lens with your gloves but it is a start at least. Simon took this picture earlier and it nice to know that another of the next generation is showing some interest. Today we did have a look at some garden birds.

We saw a lot of Chaffinches, there were up to 30 in the garden, but nothing more interesting joined them.

On the beach there's a lot to do, throwing stones is one of those irresistible things that everyone does.

We did find a couple of things to look at. This is the egg mass of the Common whelk - Buccinum undatum. These empty egg masses, known as 'sea wash balls', are often found on washed up on the beach and are sometimes mistaken for sponges.

One of the problems of being common is that you get called rude names. The Common limpet has a scientific name of Patella vulgata. A bit like the Common Starling that is Sternus vugaris. The Common Limpet is in fact extremely plentiful, but as the tide was up we had to do with finding empty shells. I'm sure that Sam will enjoy a bit of rock pooling in the summer.


Keith said...


I walked down your road last night and saw the building works underway. Any idea what's happening? Yours, with head in sand ...

Tony Morris said...

Hi Keith, as far as I know it's one or even two bungalows going on that plot.