Monday, 27 April 2009

Nice Weather for Ducks

Today's weather was a total contrast to the fine and warm weather of the weekend.

I was amused to see these two Feral Pigeons using the rain to take a shower in garden.

A distinctly wet Blackbird had been collecting bit and pieces for nest building. For some reason it dropped them and then stood in a puddle outside of the window.

At the Rest Harrow Scrape there was no sign of the Lesser Yellowlegs that had been reported there, nor was there any knowledge as to the where the report on Bird-guides has come from, there had been no report to the observatory other than when it was seen at Pegwell Bay. Instead this Redshank was a more expected sight.

The Redshank was sitting out side the hide, but it was not clear that this was other than an invitation to its mate, which it duly accepted.

The didn't stay outside the hide for long. One of the pair of Lapwings, resident on the small island, quickly came across to chase them off.

The Lapwings were busy displaying in the air, unworried by the continuous rain.

One of the pair of Shelduck, out on the island woke up for a stretch and grumble, before settling back to sleep.
A Great Black-backed Gull flew in to roost on the scrape, but considering it was high tide there was a disappointing number of birds in and out. Two Bar-tailed Godwits remained at the far end of the scrape and one Snipe briefly appeared form the reeds. A handful of Swallows were around but they still remain sparse.

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