Monday, 11 May 2009

A good Hobby

Coming back this evening, from a quick look at a bit of TR34E, one of the tetrads I'm looking at, it was impossible not to notice just how many Red-legged Partridges were around.

Several times I slowed down to let them run ahead of me and then shoot through a fence to disappear in the wheat.

Where the crops weren't too high they were often feeding quite close to the road. but always turned tail and ran off if I stopped and turn off the engine.

A much bigger surprise was the sight of two Hobbies sitting on a fence. Annoyingly the only became visible when I came round a bend in the road, and I was already very close. The both flew but this one landed just a bit further up the fence. I don't know if they had recently arrived, battling against the NE wind, and were taking a rest, just a few miles inland or if they were surveying the area as a likely summering spot. Another falcon flashed across the road nearer home, and although not 100% certain I'm pretty sure it was another Hobby.

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