Tuesday, 26 May 2009

The wrong sort of tick?

Today can't go by with out mentioning on the number of Painted Ladies that have arrived in the country in the last few days. Many people have noticed and commented on them. Dave Hall phoned to say that they were everywhere over Bockhill Farm and for the first time ever there was one in my moth trap last night. Other migrants included a Silver Y and several Diamond backed Moths. When I went out to the moth trap last night I was pleased to see a Bat flying round the garden, but I couldn't identify the species.

The female Badger is still visiting for a treat of a few peanuts but she doesn't normally arrive until one or two in the morning. She seems totally oblivious to me, just through the glass and hardly takes any notice when the flask goes off. I've found that if the lens is right up to the glass it works OK with no reflection getting back to the lens, so I took this lying on the floor almost at the same level as the badger with the camera up against the window.

The Hedgehog actually arrived first, and spent a long time just nibbling a couple of nuts. As usual you can see a large tick on this animal. I don't know why Hedgehogs are so susceptible to this parasite but the can be so badly infested that there health is badly infected. It may be that scuttling through low vegetation makes them vulnerable.

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