Saturday, 6 June 2009

Fete Full Return

Any one in the Village will have noticed the signs for the "St Margaret's Scouts and Guides VILLAGE FETE '

It is a few years since the last last Village Fete so it was good to see the initiate of the Scouts and Guides in starting it up again. Although the weather wasn't as summery as it has been in the last week it was sunny and the rain stayed away.

When I got there I resisted the urge to sit in the fire-engine, it a pity that I didn't have any grandchildren with me, that would have been a good excuse.

As usual I made a bee line for the coconut shy. I just can't resist having a go a winning a coconut and I normally do. On this occasion I didn't, but I have a good excuse. I did hit two, but the wooden balls that they were using were definitely not as heavy as in the "old days" and it couldn't possibly be due to my waning throwing powers could it?

The bicycle parade was in full swing, and there were some very innovatively Dressed Bikes. The winner in the younger category was this striking pirate ship, all though I'm not sure if it would have floated on the village pond!

I had a particular affinity for the winner in the older category, the Unicorn. I spent my working life at the pharmaceutical company "The Wellcome Foundation" and our logo was the Unicorn.

When I got back to the WI stand near the entrance the children's game of throwing "sticky" things at a target was still going, but the adult drinks tombola was completely sold out, either bad planning on my part or the WI just had recognised the thirst that a Fete brings to the villages adults and had under-estimated their potential.

Boy like to throw thing and no one is to young to start playing basketball. Did it or didn't it?
Over all there seemed to be a good turnout and everyone seemed to be having fun, so well done to the organisers.

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Rambling Rob said...

Fetes are wonderful events - this looks like a good 'un. I admire the people who organize them.