Tuesday, 30 June 2009

It is a drought yet?

The hot summer with very little rain has left the garden extremely dry. For birds it is imperative that there is a supply of water for drinking and bathing.

We've got a lot of water features as well as a bird bath. The little artificial stream into one of the ponds had two small bathing pools i it and is a magnet for the garden birds. The layout is not good for photography, a problem that I have to sort out, as the sun is in a bad position after early morning. Today it seem very busy with lots of visitors. I spent about 10 minutes watching and quite a few birds came down to drink. The Great Tits, this year's first brood spent a lot of time exploring every nook and cranny,

There are definitely fewer House Sparrows around than there were a couple of years ago. This one hesitated before coming down to drink.

The Greenfinch was straight in. They seem to need quite a bit to drink, possibly because they sire eating a lot of seeds at the moment.

The Goldfinches love to bath but they are wary of the other birds.

Both male and female Chaffinch came down while I was watching.

SO if you got a garden put some water out for the birds. I doesn't matter what it is in, it doesn't have to be a fancy bird bath, a tin tray will do.

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Susan said...

I agree. We found on the outskirts of London that having water was much more important for attracting birds to the garden than feeders.