Monday, 8 June 2009

More avian entomologists,

Not a great deal to offer today, except for the great results in the two 20-20 cricket matches today. Wonderful to see Ireland go through and nothing beats seeing Australia loose for the second time in a week and go out of the 20-20 World cup.

Although the Wrens have fledged I was joined by a Robin this morning, looking for tit bits as I emptied the moth traps. At one point a Heart and Dart left its refuge in a bush and flew across the garden. The Robin was in hot pursuit and showed its skills as a flycatcher.

When it returned it sat on the wheelbarrow looking rather pleased with itself.

Perhaps alerted by the activity of the Robin a male Blackbird came along to see if there was anything profitable around for him. I didn't see him find any moths but he tuned over a few leaves in the hope of finding something.

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