Monday, 6 July 2009

See you at the weekend?

Doesn't time fly! Village Safari's happen every two years in St Margaret's and raise a good sum for the Pilgrims Hospices. It is a tiring, but rewarding weekend, but it really doesn't seem two years since the last one.

If you are in the area do come along, there will be lots going on in the village. I hope that I'll have some garden wild-life to show people. I'll be running my moth traps over night and hopefully, if the weather is kind I should have some interesting moths to show people. If you want to see how it is done, drop me an e-mail. The traps run overnight and I from about 5'am I'll be in the garden to check them.
Pam will have some of her Sculptures on show as well, and the garden will be open, although it isn't a vintage year this year after the hard weather in the winter.
We look forward to seeing lots of people and renewing old acquaintances, and it is all in a very good cause.

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