Friday, 24 July 2009

Everywhere you go..always take the weather with you..

Today it rained, it stopped for while and rained, and when it rained it was more like tropical rain in its intensity than we normally get.

I emptied my little rain gauge yesterday ans although it drizzled a bit overnight at 6 a.m. it didn't register a mm. By 9.00 am it had collect 13 mm and by 7 p.m. it was nearly 22 mm or just over three quarters of an inch. The short sharp showers had been coming all and as the evening approached there was a little glimpse the weather clearing.

The rain today did have some affect on the Garden, it was certainly a little greener than yesterday. While I'm "in the garden" I have to report the we now now the official total that was raised by the Garden Safari. It was a stunning £6,800 pounds. Well done to everyone who took part, either opening their gardens or doing all work behind the scene or buying tickets and visiting, but most of all well done to Linda Winter, chair of St Margaret's Hospice Fund Raising Committee", who organises the event every two years. See you in 2011 Linda?

The rest of today is Pam's. As the clouds moved away and the sun set, she took this brilliant set of pictures.

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