Saturday, 11 July 2009

Garden Safari, Day One

Today is done and in some ways it is a "thank goodness for that" sort of feeling, but on the other hand we've met and talked to at least 100 people as they've been exploring the village gardens, and though the preparation has at times seemed onerous, in the end meeting and talking to so many people is a great pleasure.

Before everyone arrived, Mrs Baldy our resident and rather tatty female Blackbird, was busy collecting food for the brood that are in a nest right nest to out kitchen window. In actual fact she just got on with it, even when there were lots of people round.

We were open Garden no 3 this year, and I was about 2 minutes late down to the gate, having a quick wash after getting up at, but already visitor number one was there and the day was under way.

Our neighbour and dear friend, Chris Donald, a well known St Margaret's resident was kind enough to man the "ticket" chair for a while today. I expect she was there because she'd go a few clues she'd not finished in the crossword and hoped to find someone who knew the answers.

Despite the fact that various things have conspired over the last year or so Pam as usual has managed to produce an interesting and visually attractive garden. Her ability to see how to put tings together to produce complimentary features puts my design abilities to shame.

When it comes to chatting we're as bad as one another, given an audience we both delight in explaining our interests, and here's Pam in the "Pond Garden".

Pam's best friend Pat, came down for the day to offer moral and practical support. She was impressed by the atmosphere of the village "Garden Safari" and by the number of people we saw.
I spent most of the day in the front garden, when people arrive and leave. It is a great spot with the pond and the little stream coming down to it. I also had a few moths that I had caught overnight, to show visitors some of the hidden wildlife that out gardens contain. I met quite a few people who told me they read this blog, which was really gratifying. If you are a reader and visited us, thank you for coming, please leave a comment on the blog if you so wish, it nice to have some feedback.

This water Lily made it out in time for the weekend, but with the lack of sunshine it was reluctant to open to its full glory.

Story for photogtaphers. I heard a great little story for photographers today, An Author and a Photographer were chatting over a pint and the author said "I've seen a lot of your work, it's great, you must have a very expensive camera". To which the photographer replied "I've read a lot of your writings, the're fabulous, you must have a very expensive typewriter",


Pat said...

That's rare specimen a photograph of Pam and me together.
You have't mentioned the moths which were such a big attraction. Thanks for a lovely day.

Tracy Downes said...

We visited you on the saturday and was amazed with your moth trap and collection of moths particularly the elephant hawk moth. You may remember us we had our 9 yr old son Dominic with us who told you he was going straight home to make a trap, he asked you exactly how to make it and what light to use etc. So with your expert knowledge that you shared with a family of strangers on that day I would like to say thankyou for giving our son another intrest.
Tracy downes & Dominic

Tony Morris said...

Hi Tracy,
thanks for the comment. As I said when I was talking to you, if you or Dominic need any help or advice just pop in and see me.

Keith Morris said...


I popped in on you on the day and thoroughly enjoyed it - loved the carved heads! I would have said Hi but you were explaining moths to a very interested youngster - maybe even Dominic? It was a good weekend, thanks for contributing.