Thursday, 30 July 2009

Kingsdown Wood

This evening was spent mothing in Kingsdown Wood, as part of the surveying Phil does for the NT,

Jack and Theo check out one of the moths that came to light. The cold, clear night was very poor for mothing with a sudden drop of a couple of degrees around 10.30 pm.

As well as the moths we tracked some of the Bats flying overhead using a recently acquired Bat Detector. I've never used a bat detector, but the series of clicks that Phil found indicated that we had a Pipistrelle Bat emitting its "calls" at about 45 khz, as well as a larger bat, that arrived at the end of the evening that was around 30 khz.


Anonymous said...

45mhz? You could have picked them up on a short wave radio!

Tony Morris said...

OOps should have been kHz - It was a bit late when I wrote that!