Sunday, 5 July 2009

4th of July Farewell Party

We've been zooming about this weekend, child minding Sam on Friday Evening/Saturday Morning at Walthamstow, a 4th of July party at Reigate on Saturday afternoon and a Geoffrey Whitworth theatre party Saturday evening.

The 4th of July party was great fun, but sadly doubled up as a farewell party for former St Margaret's residents Matt and Perla Acin and their children Priscilla and Sofie. The had been neighbours of ours and although Matt's job had moved them away we have remained good friends. Although we have five wonderful grandsons Pam also enjoyed being a surrogate "Nanny Pam" to two young girls who enjoyed her talents with sewing, jewellery making and all those other special girlie things that boys avoid!
The party featured a very good "Lounge Jazz" group, with a singer who had a wonderful voice.

At the back the rhythm was laid down in a steady, and non-flamboyant manner by Matt, showing another side to his skills (one not always appreciated by other residents in The Avenue when he practiced when they lived here. It was very good, I hope Matt keeps his drumming up when he is in Buenos Aires.

Perla refused to get up on stage as a backing singer, and the two girls said that it was a good thing as singing is not her strongest area. On the other hand this rather scatty and somewhat nutty individual is in fact a very talented lady who is going to back to Argentina to start a new and demanding job, having been promoted. We will miss her and wish her well, I hope she and Matt don't mind visitors I still have a lot to see in Argentina and Buenos Aires will make a good base.

Priscilla, on the right, is doing what all young ladies of her age do, having a good gossip. She was only six when we first knew her and were amazed at how quickly she had learnt English. She's done well at school and I'm sure will settle back into Argentina with no problem.

Sofie was an addition to the family, so we've known her all of her life. She is a bit shy at first but like all of her gender once you get her talking she can gone on for a very long time! She also has a decent appetite.

A week ago they had come to St Margaret's for Sunday lunch and to tell us of their impending departure back to Argentina.

I think this Rugby T-shirt is what once aspiring stand-offs wear when they realise retirement was a good idea.

Not much you can say about this fashion statement, it very Perla though.

Priscilla can never resist have a fish in the pond. I this instance it was tadpoles that she was catching.

Sofie took advantage of the nice warm exercise pool for the last time and really seemed to enjoy it.

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