Friday, 18 September 2009

A new visitor

I was just getting together this evenings blog when Pam called me to say a different Badger had been and inspected the feeding area, and I hadn't as yet put anything out. Pam got together the remains of the chicken we eaten, plus some other bits and put them out. Very soon after the badger returned. I've postponed what was to be today's pictures until later.

So far this year I'd only seen a young female, but this looks like a youngish male. It is certainly a handsome animal. As we weren't ready for his arrival I had to take pictures through the window. This can work quite well, but you do need to have the lens right up to the window to stop reflected flash getting back to the lens. I must have left a little gap for the picture above as the right hand side is a bit hazy.

At first I though that he was worried by the flash, but he quickly got used to it and decided to get tucked into his dinner.

So far we've found very little that badgers won't eat and this certainly met with his approval.

When they find a larger piece of food, a chewy bone or something similar, they take it out of the tray and start to go off with it, but seldom stray more that a few steps, presumably so they can keep an eye on the remainder of the food.

In the end I couldn't resist sneaking out and taking a picture from the opposite angle, that wasn't through glass. I only got one as the flash and, I think, my scent alerted him to my presence and he quietly ran off. It wasn't long after I got inside that he returned to finish the remainder.

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