Tuesday, 15 September 2009

A testing session.

I collected my camera today, back at Jessops in Canterbury from Canon, after I'd had trouble with the shutter. Naturally I popped into Grove Ferry to test it out.

The weather was grim, but inside the David Feast hide I was at least dry and out of the wind. Directly in front of the hide a pair of Mute Swans were feeding and at time this one sailed round with its foot up.

There were a lot of Teal on the pool and for a while three Black-tailed Godwits dropped in to preen and then feed.

A group of Greylags made an easy target to test the camera on flying birds.

Way across the pool a couple of Water Rails occasionally came out of the reeds to feed on the mud, but unfortunately there was not sign of the wished for Spotted Crake.

There were at least four Snipes around the pool. Most stayed quite distant, but the one above got close enough to show off the beautiful subtle markings on it back.

There's often a Little Egret on this pool and today it did a bit of fishing right in front of the hide.

It was very active, dashing around and plunging into the water.

It did catch a fish, albeit a small one, and proceeded to manoeuvre it into position before swallowing it.

Although not yet in full breeding dress this Shoveller is already looking a very striking drake.

These two mallards seem to have got their dates in a muddle, unless there just doing it for fun, or she is going to have a very late brood.

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