Tuesday, 27 October 2009

A castle with a view

Autumn is always a good time for fungi, but I really haven't ever got to grips with the identity of many of them.

These were growing in the grass at a small playground where Jack and Josh play. I think that they are Ink-caps of some sort, perhaps Shaggy Ink-caps. (Thanks to Dean for ID of Common Ink Cap).

There were several of these growing singly, and I'm not sure if they are the same species as those in the large "fairy ring" below, that were starting to go over.

A large number of these fungi, in clumps, formed a ring about four feet across. (Again thanks Dean for the ID of Common Ink Cap).

A year ago I photographed this (I presume it is the same bird) Carrion Crow and today, exactly a year later it is still using the same field and gardens to feed in. It was with "regular" black Crows today, but seemed to be totally accepted by them.

We found another fungi, on the trunk of a large Acer or Sycamore tree. I would call this a bracket fungus, but it is a very sculptured shape and may be it is a different species to the Bracket fungi I normally see, rather than just a fresh growth.

From this angle the beautiful structure is easier to see.

This afternoon we visited Clitheroe Castle and the museum. The castle stands on a hill in the middle of the town. It was built around 1186 by Roger de Lacy to protect his vast estates. It now belongs to the town and the museum was re-opened this spring after a £3.5 million refurbishment. We spent about two hours in there with Josh and have to say it was both interesting at an adult level and very good for children with many interactive features. I really hope this new age of austerity doesn't mean that we will see too many of the nations museums close whilst our government wastes huge amounts on useless adventures abroad.

From the newly restored keep there is a great view of Pendle Hill, that dominates the skyline at 557 metres at its peak. Famed for the witches of Pendle and, amongst birders, for the Dotterel that often visit the peak in spring. Mike Watson, a regular blogger and birder, frequently writes of his walks up Pendle hill.

Looking towards the Forest of Bowland , Longridge Fell dominates the sky line. Not as high as Pendle Hill, the summit is 3250 metres, it is the home of Birdquest, The premier birding holiday company, at Kemple End.


Anonymous said...

Hi Tony. I reckon your 1st & 3rd pics are Common Inkcaps ( no shaggyness to them ). As for the others, no idea, sorry.

Barry said...

Hi Tony
I don't know about Ink caps but your new photos is definetly a real corker, like a scene from a Carry on Film. Nina must have put you up to it surely !!!

Tony Morris said...

Hi Baz,
It's "Carry on up the Castle"! Josh got given an explorers pack, to find things in the museum. It included a Pith Helmet and, as it was too big for him, he insisted that I wear it until we had to give it back at the end of the visit, not that I need encouragement or help to look an idiot!