Saturday, 10 October 2009

Escargo, Crow style.

After a morning at Bockhill, which was very birdy (although I didn't see either of the Yellow-browed Warblers) I popped in to Bushy Rough this afternoon.

There were some very "New England" type colours in some of the trees, perhaps our changing climate is going to bring us more colourful autumns.

I don't normally see a heron here but this one was fishing and then flew up into a tree where it joined a second bird.

This Carrion Crow was paying a lot of attention to some thing on the ground and I was surprised to find that it was opening up snails for a little French type starter, or possibly if it found enough the main course as well. I can't recall seeing this behaviour before.

There were still several young Little Grebes (Dabchicks) following the parent birds around, begging for food. The one above was incessant in its calling. After a while I was surprised to see it diving after the adult as if it was having a lesson on how to find its own food. I didn't see it come up with anything and it still pestered the adult, but I suppose that they do learn by following the example of the parent bird.

This particular youngster was the palest young Dabchick I've seen, it stood out from the others, even when looking into the sun. It will be interesting to see if it moults into a normal looking adult bird.

I though that for a change I wasn't going to see the resident Grey Wagtails, but as I was walking back to the car two called, flying over, and one settled on the roof of the Lodge.

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