Monday, 19 October 2009

Weekend in sunny Walthamstow

Pam and I had a mini-break in the East London Riviera normally known as Walthamstow.

Both Simon and Rocio had to work on Sunday (ah!!) so we had the terrible duty of keeping Sam occupied for the day. We now have five fantastic grandsons and they are all great fun to be with, but Sam is the closest, so we can get to see him more often than the others. Clitheroe is not too bad, but Brisbane is a long drive! Sam is at the entertaining stage of repeating word for word what you say, so great care is needed. He also thinks that he should be able to drive Nanny Pam's car, and doesn't think that not reaching the pedals is a great disadvantage.

Around lunch time we went up to the Lee Valley Country Park. Sam recognised most of the animals we could see in the Park Farm and quite like to noisy herd of Geese. I tried to show him the difference between Canada and Greylags but he was more interested int he football we'd found.

There were a few Egyptian Geese at the back of the flock. I( imagine that if they have a self sustaining population the London Listers will be excited to get them on their lists.

We got to the magnificent Grand Weir hide at Holyfield Lake and had a look out of the windows. Sam recognised the Swan, but I don't think the Great Crested Grebe made much of an impression.
I was interested to see that the small group of Gadwall, a little way along the canal seemed to think that the sunny weather was signalling the arrival of spring, or at least the chance for a bit of fun and frolics.

I showed Sam this Moorhen walking along the weir, but it was definitely the Waterfall that impressed Sam most. I was a good walk, and by the time we got back for tea I was the only one awake in the car, so it was a good job Sam's legs didn't reach the pedals.

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