Tuesday, 17 November 2009

Indian Summer?

We are on Grand parent duty for a few days, a wonderful but exhausting experience when you're dealing with a very active, very talkative, not quite three year old.

Down in the bay this lunch time we watch a pair of Ravens playing around on the cliffs, quite a long way past the houses, going towards Hope Point. They were too distant for a picture but certainly stirred up the Herring Gulls in the area. The bay was sheltered from the wind and in the sunshine you could have been in May although I guess it would have felt much cooler up on the top of the cliffs. I was surprised that, although it was high tide, I couldn't find any Rock Pipits in the bay. A few hundred yards out there were several Great Crested Grebes but in general things were quiet.

I just couldn't resist this picture of a Greenfinch on the birdbath. I think that I need to cut down on the rations I'm giving them! Unfortunately I was too slow for the Jay that came down to bathe. At one point the garden emptied and I caught the flash of a male Sparrowhawk weaving his way through the trees. It didn't settle, I'm still looking forward to getting a set of one bathing in front of my study.

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