Wednesday, 4 November 2009

November 2009 Insects.

While I was in the garden, topping up the bird bath I noticed how man insects were around a flowering "Caster Oil" plant in the garden.

The Red Admiral, I suspect the same one as yesterday was perched on the plant but moved when my shadow spooked it, but not far.

There were quite a few of these flies, metallic and shining in the sun.

Wasps are still around, no longer able to make a nuisance of themselves in my moth traps, (I did run two last night but there were only four moths!) they are looking for other foods.

This Hoverfly is a Honey-bee mimic which I think is Eristalis interruptus. There were two or three around these flower heads.

The two Hoverflies, above and below look quite similar, but the eye shape and size are different. I think (Dean help!) that these are both in the genus Syrphus. The one above may be S. ribesii

This looks like S. Torvus, but there are others in this genus that are similar. (thanks to Dean for the ID),This is ribesii as well, but a female as the eyes don't meet.

On the arch above the flowers there were a couple of these bees, again I need help on the ID. Thanks Dean, again, a Common Carder Bee.

Other insects I saw today included a Common Darter (Dragonfly) and a Large White (butterfly)

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