Tuesday, 15 December 2009

Any one lost their Pigeons?

With the cold snap arriving I made sure that there was a lot of food out for the visiting flocks that I was anticipating.

Unfortunately the most prolific visitors to make use of my generosity were the flock of Pigeons that I don't seem able to put off using my garden to fatten up. I'm not sure where they arrived from, but I'm fed up with feeding them.

The number of Greenfinches in the garden at any one time is about forty, so they are building up. They are aggressive feeders and can monopolise the feeders for periods. Goldfinches and Chaffinches get in when they can.

Chaffinches seem much happier feeding on the ground, they never manage to keep on the feeders for long sessions, always flitting on and off. The one above is a dull looking specimen, some of the males are already looking pretty handsome.

This Jay spent a long time in and out of the back of the garden. I couldn't work out whether it was retrieving or hiding things, but it was certainly probing into the long grass, that I should have cut before the monsoon season set in.

This blue Tit seems to have started sorting out it's housing arrangements for nest year already. This nest box wasn't used this year, so it's all ready for next April, if this one survives the winter.

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Mike Watson said...

No, but I have lost my marbles in case you happen to see some. Merry Chrsitmas and a Happy New Year, Mike