Wednesday, 2 December 2009

Take away food.

The pond in our front garden is rather isolated, no over looked by the house and behind a high fence. It is quite a small area with a large tree at the top of a steep slope and I always thought that a Heron would find it difficult to land and take off there.

When I saw a Heron circling the house I did wonder where it was destined for, and I picked up my camera, just in case and went round the house to the front.

When I peered through the slightly opened gate, there it was, standing on the path by the pond.

It was only a few days ago that I'd said to Pam that the fish weren't very evident when I fed them. I'd presumed that the colder weather had made them stay deeper in the pond. The Heron suddenly jumped in the pond and emerged with a fish! I tried to get in a better position for a photo, but the bird saw me and flew off. I guess I'll have to try some sort of protection until it finds someone else's pond to feed in.


Keith said...

Tony, don't send it my way! I had what looked like an egret land near my pond during the summer, was that possible?

Tony Morris said...

Hi Keith, yes I've heard of one at someone's pond in the village. There getting commoner each year.

Warren Baker said...

Thats a cool bird feeder Tony!

Anonymous said...

Tony, like you I never imagined a heron would be able to land in my tiny garden, let alone even see the pond - but there it was early one morning, huge wing span, flying in and landing. Fortunately it caught sight of me in the window and left quickly without taking any fish. I now have pond net rings floating on the surface (available from Nauticalia)- better than netting festooned all over the pond.
Cheers, Wendy