Sunday, 10 January 2010

Fruit Salad

The waterfall into the pond is still running but much of it has been covered with ice and snow.

The slight thaw today has exposed a bit more running water, but this Starling seemed reluctant to drop down into the pool for it's bath.

Pete phone from Clitheroe to tell of the success he was having attracting birds with apples and raisins. He sent me pictures of Fieldfares (there were three in the garden), a Mistle Thrush and both male and female Blackcaps feeding in their garden. None of these three species has visited my garden this winter so I was definitely jealous. Pam got some apples and bananas and I added some well soaked raisins to make a fruit salad and put it out close to the house. It did attract some of the dozen or so Blackbirds that were in the garden, but always one at a time.
This male seemed to be juggling with the raisins before swallowing them. It didn't stay long at each visit, each time taking a piece of apple or banana with it, to consume in a more secure spot.
Each time another Blackbird turned up the majority of time was spent posing, rather than eating, until one or other gave way and left the table.

It wasn't long before this happened, and with in minutes the fruit cocktail was reduced to just a stain on the table. I had the window open an the noise from just a few feet away way quite amazing.

We put some of Pam's stadge mixture of the tree stumps I use for feeding, just out side the window. The idea is to get a Robin or other small bird to pose nicely on this set up, so that I can get close pictures. The Black-headed Gulls were wuite comfortable standing on the loge and gorging themselves.

Even this first winter Common Gull came and posed, almost under the window. But no Fieldfares, Blackcaps, or Mistle Thrush arrived!

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