Saturday, 13 February 2010

A Cold Grey Nose

Again as if to contradict my pessimism at the lack of Starlings at the moment, a group visited soon after I'd de-iced the bird bath.

They really are fantastic in their winter colours, anyone would be proud to wear a waistcoat like that.
The channel had some strange lighting going on the is afternoon, there was a strange glow over France. They were probably burning their euros to stop the Greeks doing it instead! Snow was still lying on Cap Gris-Nez, but perhaps it isn't a well covered as this side.

As it wandered along Reach Road. two Grey Partridges flew over and landed in the middle of the snowy field. They then run a fast as they could to the cover of the scrub at the side. This seemed a bit strange, I wonder why they landed right out in the middle of a white wilderness, where they stood out like saw thumbs, rather than by the trees where they could disappear in seconds.

The recorder for my nest box is triggered by motion, but I haven't' go it set right yet. One visit seems to be just a beak poking in, which is quite possible, but another was a tail going out. so it must of come in, turned round and almost got out before the DVR recorded the action. I was hoping the the Wrens that hang around the bushes behind the pond would use the box to roost in, but I guess this is a bit of wishful thinking.

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