Friday, 9 July 2010

Boys night out

A couple of times lately I've put the peanuts out for the Badger(s) and gone to do something else for a few minutes, only to find when I've come back in a few minutes, that all the peanuts have gone. As it has mostly been "Little Mummy" who's been coming I've been amazed at how quickly she's cleaned up.

Last night I found out why and how. As I watched, one of the young handsome males arrived, quickly followed by a second and then a third. I could see the a dent on the face of one, presumably a well healed Scar-face. It didn't take these three long to eat all the peanuts I'd put out, and they quickly moved on.
The most surprising thing was that, although there were three muscle bound boars feeding closely together, there wasn't one piece of aggression shown. Perhaps these three are used to travelling round the feeding stations and have come to a cordial arrangement.

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