Wednesday, 28 July 2010

Butterfly Bushes

Our drive into the back of the house is lined with Buddleia trees. This plant is a native of China and is also known as the Butterfly Bush. It is in a genus that has about 100 species in the world, but none are native to Europe.

There are quite a few Buddleias in the garden, but the ones in the drive seem to be the best for attracting butterflies. It might be because these are the ones with the deepest coloured flowers, but there may be other reasons.
Today, as I came into the drive, it was alive with butterflies. These were mainly Red Admirals, all looking very fresh and beautiful. Others feeding on the nectar were a couple of Peacocks and Commas along with Small Whites, but so far no Small Tortoiseshells.

While I was watching then a small warbler was flitting through the bush. I got a quick glimpse of a Willow Warbler. One was singing in the garden yesterday. Although none nest very close to the house, here may be a pair or two in South Foreland Valley so I'm not sure how for the birds in the garden will have come, but it does herald the autumn and the migration season.

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Warren Baker said...

Not had a willow warbler since April Tony :-(