Tuesday, 5 October 2010

A Queen Sailing by!

Today was pretty gloomy and then it got worse. Before the rain came there was a noticeable passage of Swallows and House Martins, and an increase in the number of Meadow Pipits on the move.

Looking out to sea I watched this rather attractive sailing vessel moving by. Although it was a fair way out I hoped that I'd be able to read the ships name and find out a bit about her.

The Queen Galadriel is one of the Cirdan Sailing Trust's ships. The trust has the objective "Provide disadvantaged young people with the opportunity for self-development from the experience of living and working on large sailing boats." They do this by providing Youth leaders the chance to work with groups in their care. I know nothing about the trust but full details can be found here.

The 32m ship ( including spars) can accommodate groups of up to 16 and is well appointed. She was built in Denmark in 1937 as a Baltic Trader and was originally named "Else" after the captains daughter (I'm sure there's a limerick there somewhere!).
In 1983, she was bought by The Cirdan Sailing Trust and went into service renamed 'Queen Galadriel' after a character in Tolkein's 'Lord of The Rings'. She had a complete refit and update in 2003 and now operates from the south coast during the summer. She also takes part in the Tall Ships race.

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Anonymous said...

I got some photos of the old girl at the Hoe Tony so thanks for saving me the bother of looking her up.