Wednesday, 24 November 2010

Dover in Sussex

Dover Council have used a picture of the Seven Sisters on their Official WEB site.

Dover Town Council said it used a picture of the Seven Sisters cliffs to save money and avoid paying copyright.

Dover Town Clerk Michael Webb said: "We'll hold our hands up, we're transparent. If people view it as a mistake, then OK, mistake it is."
He added: "Hindsight being the passport to infallibility - here is a good example of it."

If this statement reflects his organisational and intellectual abilities they want to get rid of him quickly. It would take no time at all to find photographs of the White Cliffs of Dover that would cost them nothing. There are dozens of locals, who I am sure would be only too pleased to donate a photograph. It wouldn't have taken much research to find the "Dover" group on Flickr, where there are loads of photos of the White Cliffs and to have contacted the photographers. I receive loads of requests for the use of all sorts of pictures and if they are for something worthy I always grant use. I'm sure that there are many of other people this applies to. It may not be an earth shattering problem, but it is one that thoroughly demeans the town, shame on the council and complete contempt for the idiot town clerk who looked so foolish on the television.

The white Cliffs of Dover

There are many things about the town not to be proud of. The town centre is a disgrace and when the WEB site says "We welcome you to all that is best in an English seaside town" I wonder if any of them have had a look at the town centre for years!

Of course there are attractive views, and the Castle and the Cliffs figure in most of them. If the Council wants a town to be proud of they need to set an example, and using pictures from Sussex isn't going to help.

I had a late visit along Pond Lave this evening, and I didn't see the Snow Bunting. Possibly it has left or it may have been past it's bed time.

I've got a Sunflower heart feeder very close to my study window. It is mostly used by Blue Tits, Great Tits and Chaffinches, with the odd sortie from Green and Gold Finches and Dunnocks. This afternoon I was surprised when a Great Spotted Woodpecker arrived on it. It may have been a reminder that it's favourite peanut feeder needed filling!


Susan said...

I can see why you are incensed. The message it sends is that the Council is run by people who don't care.

Dylan Wrathall said...

Organisations run by interlectually challenged bureaucrats, sadly something that is the norm throughout the British system. The pathetic attempt to use cost as a reason for the cock-up underlining the gross incompetence of the entire bunch!