Saturday, 20 November 2010

A genetic map of Pond Lane?

Two years ago, on Oct 18th, Phil found a Snow Bunting along Pond Lane. It really isn't the place you expect to find one.

This was a very handsome male Snow Bunting, and it was extremely confiding, allowing close approach if one took it carefully and slowly.

Today I drove up Pond Lane, on the way to West Langdon, and was surprised to flush a Snow Bunting off the road in exactly the same place as the bird favoured two years ago.

It flew in to the field and called that ringing "Chew" that is so characteristic of this scarce winter visitor.

It wasn't long before if returned to feed on the road, just like it's predecessor, but this one was much shyer and didn't let me get close before it flew along the road. I think that it is a winter plumaged female, although I'm not sure if it is a first winter bird. What is puzzling is that it should be in the same spot as the 2008 bird, is Pond Lane in their genes?

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