Tuesday, 9 November 2010

A Pile in the Country

Apart from the bay there aren't too many places in St Margaret's where you can safely park and watch a few of our feathered friends while the rain comes down. I do sometimes watch the gulls following the tractor, but this is only possible when there is a good place to park. I haven't yet found a rare gull amongst the common ones, but nowadays there are often Mediterranean Gulls.
One other place, and many birders who know the value of sewage farms as bird magnets will understand this, is the amazingly large pile of horse manure along Collingwood Road.

I suppose the attraction to birds is the population of small worms and insects that inhabit this splendid environment. I have yet to have a rare bird pop in while I've been watching, but I have had some funny looks from dog walkers as they go past. One of the most regular visitors are Pied Wagtails and today there were at least two around.

The ubiquitous Chaffinch is another regular, but so far they haven't brought any of the less common finches along with them when I've been there.

As I was saying the other day Yellowhammers seem to have made a bit of a recovery and there are always a few around the heap when I've looked. Again it would be nice if they attracted one of the rarer buntings that could drop in. A nice Little, Rustic or Ortolan Bunting would be very welcome.

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