Saturday, 11 December 2010

Dover suffers a Scandinavian invasion

With the number of Waxwings in Kent increasing rapidly in the last week it is surprising that it took until yesterday for a flock to be reported in Dover. Although talking to a lady this afternoon it may be that some had been in the area for up to ten days. Although Waxwings have featured before, I make no excuses for even more pictures today, they are just fantastic birds to photograph.

When I arrived at Coombe Valley Road this morning it wasn't long before a group of these visitors dropped into the trees next to where I had parked.

As usual it couldn't stop taking pictures of them, and there are a selection of my favourites here. The light was great, and although they were extremely mobile, and the road was busy, there was ample opportunity for some pictures.

I liked this one, dressed up for red nose day!

I went and had another look at about 3 p.m. At first the area was deserted and then suddenly they arrived en mass. There were mainly concentrated in two trees, but there were others further along. When I carefully looked at this picture at full size there are around 89 birds in this tree.

Another 64 birds are amongst the twigs and branches here, and with a few more scattered around the total number was probably over 170. Meanwhile at Folkestone, the number near B&Q's reached to fantastic level of around 500 birds, surely the biggest flock ever seen in the south of England?


Pat said...

These are fab I love the onecatching/tossing the berry. The third one down reminds me of a Japanese painting. Wish they would reach our part of Kent.

Steve said...

Great shots Tony, it is an amazing year for Waxwings