Wednesday, 19 January 2011

Owlless Prowl

I had a wander along the Ancient Highway and then overlooking Worth Marshes late this afternoon, hoping to bump into a Barn or Short-eared Owl, but I wasn't lucky.

A few minutes stop at the Restharrow Scrape yielded the normal suspects, a few coots, quite a few Greylags and the usual dabbling ducks. The Teal, all at the far end, were in good voice, obviously the sunshine had got their hormones flowing, and a lot of chasing and head bobbing was going on.

The Shovelers were similarly occupied, and the males are particularly spendid at this time of year. Later over looking the marsh at Worth I saw a distant Marsh Harrier, and then almost at dusk, the Great White Egret appear flying across the railway line, towards the Roaring Gutter, before sttling out of sight.

A slow wander back past Ripple and Martin failed to find any Owls, but at least there was a sunset!

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