Thursday, 6 January 2011

Wet Wet Wet

Today we were promised rain and we got rain. About 2 inches worth. The roads were inundated and although it doesn't quite look like Rockhampton in Queensland, the fields are looking very wet.

I drove through Rockhampton on Nov 15th 2007, but I remember little about the town, except that it made me think of the Rockhampton Rocket, Rod Laver. It was some where near here that I stopped in some forest and found a Little Friarbird. My photo notes just say "Forest off the Bruce Highway near Rockhampton QLD 15/11/2007". All I can remember is a very dry, flat area, now an area as large as France and Germany put together is under water, quite unimaginable.

Down in the Bay today I did note this very clean and tidy looking Herring Gull. already smart having lost it's head and neck streaking.

The rain was torrential and I didn't manage to see any divers or other interesting birds. These two Cormorants went by, but I can't explain the "ghost" under the front one, or the strange outline on the back one. It seems the rain had a strange affect.

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Anonymous said...

Images of birds in flight normally leave what experts call an artefact, a second ghost image caused by the camera taking a number of photos in quick succession. Is this what happened?