Saturday, 5 February 2011

Put this date in your Diaries

I know that this is a really early reminder, but time whizzes by and the event is really important to the community.

Every other year, for last last eight years at least, a Garden Safari has been organised in St Margaret's. The driving force behind this is Linda Winter, who with gentle persuasion and subtle tugging at the heartstrings gets as many people as possible to take part and open their gardens. I can't say that the preparation work is easy, and I must admit we might not get our into shape this year, but we may feel differently once the weather gets better and things start to grow. The event it'self is great fun. We always try and have the garden interesting, with Pam adding sculptures and bits of interest for children, and I try and have some wildlife on show, mainly moths, but sometimes the odd frog or toad and some pictures of other loacal interest. If you are a villager and don't open your garden, think about it, it may be fun. If not you could always help in something else, perhaps agrden sitting for some on while they have break.

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