Monday, 14 March 2011

A last few Venezeulan Garden Birds.

Tanagers are one of the most familiar families in South America, with well over 200 species. Varying from Blue Tit to Thrush size the family includes Honeycreepers, Flowerpiercers and Euphonias. Some visit feeding stations, such as the one at La Casa de Colibries.

The Summer Tanager is a bird well know to those who visit the USA, although it may be reclassified in the future as a Cardinal.

This is a speckled Tanager, which like many has an accurate but fairly unimaginative name.

The Blue-grey Tanager was one of the most common and widespread of the birds we saw, but that didn't detract from it's attractiveness.

This rather striking bird is a Black-headed Tanager.


alan woodcock said...

Hi,great list,but can you remember seeing them all.On my last trip to south America I certainly couldn`t,but I bet like you I can still see that Harpy.

Tony Morris said...

Hi Alan, I must admit some of them are a bit hazy all ready. Just too many Ant Wrens and Flycatchers. With my poor colour vision the Hummers are difficult, but what a great experience. Pete is so good at getting you to the bird I did stand every chance.