Friday, 15 April 2011

Mellow Yellow

A bit of pushchair wheeling today, with they youngest member of the Morris clan taking in the good clean air of St Margaret's. Eliot didn't seem to interested in the birds and butterflies, but at lesst the motion of the buggy got hin off to sleep.

It seem to have been a good spring for Brimstone butterflies, although I still haven't managed to get a picture of one with open wings. I have seen them very occasionally open them up when sunning, but each time they closed then very quickly.

At least two Whitethroats were singing along Kingsdown Road. After the massive crash in their population after the 1968-69 winter it is always reassuring when they return. The crash was caused by a severe drought in the Sahel region of West Africa. The fact that their population has largely recovered is probably due to the bird finding new migration routes as the drought situation in Africa has continued for three decades with rainfall regularly below what is needed for recovery.

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