Thursday, 28 April 2011

A Rare bird Indeed!

There can be few more stunning backdrops to any event than the beautiful Leeds Castle.

The original castle was built in 1119 by Robert de Crèvecœur to replace the earlier Saxon manor of Esledes, the castle became a royal palace in 1278 for King Edward I of England and his queen, Eleanor of Castile. Then jumping forward to the end of the eighteenth century the castle was extensively repaired and remodelled in a Tudor style, the work being completed in 1823, that resulted in the appearance seen today.

The gatehouse is the oldest remaining part of the Castle and was the scene of the "big event of the Week".
Barry Wright, the nervous? bridegroom awaits the arrival of Louise, for a ceremony that rivalled all of the historic conferences and treaty talks that have taken place here in the past.

He didn't have to worry, Louise, conscious that Barry seldom stays in one place for long, arrived on time to calm his nerves.

I have been to quite a few weddings in my time, but I can honestly say that none have been more joyful or free of tensions than this one. A happier couple could not have been found anywhere!
Barry, and of course Louise seemed eager to follow the instruction "you may now kiss the Bride"

Even siging the register seemed full of mirth, perhaps seeing the "Mrs Wright" in print did the trick.

As can be seen Barry scrubbed up surprisingly well, possibly the first time he's worn a suit this century?

It was good to see Barry's mum and dad, in the old days I've had many a cup of tea at their house.
The traditional cutting the cake.

Barry made his speach in his own inimitable way. Always entertaining and of course still hardly managing to keep the smile from breaking out from ear to ear, and at the end a bouquet for both mums and a rose bush called marriage to remind them that the unexpected had happened!

We were treated to some amazing conjuring tricks by a very talented young man. It looks like the days Queen of Hearts has picked the five of clubs, but I bet she didn't know how he'd done it, I certainly couldn't see how he did the card trick on our table. It was a great day, and those who know then I'm sure will be very happy for them.

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