Friday, 27 May 2011

Feed Me,..Feed Me

The loud noise of a hungry brood of Great Tits has moved from one of my nest boxes to wandering around the garden.

I'm quite pleased that they have fledged. The nest box was very close to where I run my moth trap and I was having to get up very early to beat the Great Tits to the delights of an early morning moth trap.

While I was watching this youngster being fed while it sat on the car roof, it rather put me in mind of the "Little Shop of Horrors", "Feed Me, Seymour".

A more disturbing event on the feeding front is this Magpie's conquest of the peanut feeder. It's be trying for a while but today it made it. Not only that, it also managed to keep it's balance on a Sunflower seed feeder to knock out quite a lot of seeds, and then drop to the ground to reap the rewards.


Derek Faulkner said...

Magpies are a disturbing event in the garden period, especially if you're trying to rear young birds, young tits would be a nice meal for them.

Phil Smith said...

jackdaws do the same in my garden Tony,tis why crows are such great survivors I guess.