Sunday, 8 May 2011

An irresistable Title

Over the years books on natural history subjects have had some truly romantic and evocative titles, Tarka the Otter, Born Free and even "the Biggest Twitch" imparts a feeling of excitement.

My newest acquisition on the mothing front does quite measure up to these charismatic strap lines, Bird-dropping Tortix Moths of the British Isles does have that ring about it that make most people want to read it. However if you have, as I have, spent many a minute looking at one of these camouflaged moths, puzzling over their identity, then it's true value might be apparent.

Epiblema Cyanosbatella

I only got it a few weeks ago, a birthday present to myself, well who else would by a book with that title? Today was the first time this year that one of this group appeared in a trap in the garden, and it was a doddle to identify it. Mind you it is a very distinctive moth that I've seen before, it has a distinctive yellow front to it's face (yellow palps), but at least I got to use the book.

Maiden's Blush

Somewhat more distinctive and with a romantic sounding name is the Maiden's Blush, the first I've caught this year, and one of those moths that shows that they can complete in the beauty stakes with their much more vaunted relations, butterflies.

There's no particular point to make about this picture, other than I like it, and I sat watch this chap noisily eating without him taking any notice of me. He did look up when I moved in my chair a bit, but then carried on with no worries.

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